Gas Station and Convenient Store Point of Sale Systems

We'll keep you one step ahead of whatever the future brings with our powerful convenience store equipment.

As the technology leader in the retail fueling business, Gilbarco knows point-of-sale (POS) systems inside and out. The Gilbarco system are next generation and they have added the technological advancement and foresight needed for today's ever-changing world. Their system, Passport is certified for all major point of sale networks and interfaces with more third-party partners than any other POS system in the industry.

With state-of-the-art convenience store POS systems, that support the most interfaces to third party loyalty systems, and are backed by powerful fuel discounting and merchandising systems, Passport gives you an easy way to cater to the loyalty and rewards craving customer base. Not only does this help you drive c-store and fuel pump sales, it also offers a great opportunity to build a loyal and repeat customer base.

Gilbarco's range of POS terminals also offer intuitive and user-friendly technology that lets your customers transact at the gas station point of sale with ease.

The convenience store POS also gives you access to powerful backend tools that lets you grow, control, and track your business with ease. The feature rich tools allow you to quickly and easily initiate promotional campaigns that can be tailored to suit different customer preferences.


The system also gives you an easy way to make your gas stations EMV and PCI compliant without having to incur costly upgrades.